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President's Message
Mohammad Javed Siddiqui

Education isn't only about gathering knowledge, getting a specific set of skills & getting employment. Rather, it is a lifelong continuous process. Education enlightens the mind & soul in a way, such that, an individual becomes productive for society & nation. With education comes power, and as the adage goes, with power comes responsibility.
At MASCP, we believe that passing on quality education at primary and secondary levels is critical to the development of the nation. So, we constantly strive to update our teaching-learning process to do the needful. Any suggestions from guardians are highly appreciable.
I wish that the educational journey of our students is happy with wonderful experiences and beautiful memories to cherish. At MASCP, we have three priorities: to provide students with modern educational facilities, to devise an imaginative but intellectually challenging curriculum which will make the students want to learn irrespective of tests and exams, and to employ staff who are knowledgeable about their areas of specialisation and skilled in the art of getting children to develop both curiosity and understanding, the main branches of human enquiry.
Our college is committed to developing socially responsible citizens in a safe, creative and educationally challenging environment that encourages students to be clear about their values and communicate to the community, thus living up to our college motto “We learn to serve”.
Finally, we hope to instill resilience and confidence in our students, through acquiring the skill to deal with setbacks. This is crucial for their future, with its rapid changes and demands. We genuinely want our students to seize the possibilities of tomorrow through the delivery of an excellent all round, international standard education.
Our teachers are our greatest asset and they always go the extra mile to ensure our students are happy, challenged and fulfilled, not only in the class room but also on the stage, the sports field, the debating arena, and in all manners of enrichment and leadership activities.

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The college's motto 'Knowledge is Liberation' is the cornerstone around which the character and personality of every child is built. The Society visualises an educational system based on the four basic tenets : universal values, excellence in all things, global understanding by viewing diversity as an asset, and service to humanity.